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Reid is a genius and professional profiler with the ability to read 20 000 words per minute, remembering every single one of them. He has PhD's in Mathematics, Engineering and Chemistry, with a BA in Sociology and Psychology to boot. He's a science-fiction afficinado and has in the past solved advanced ciphers in his head because it was faster than doing it on a computer.

I am neither of these things. I am, however, an expert bullshitter. If there's something he should know that I can't find a clear answer to, I will make shit up. Naturally, this means that Reid will be wrong every so often and I genuinely hope that you, my fellow player or potential stalker, will let these instances slip by unnoticed. I'll do everything in my power to be as accurate as possible but if I tried to be perfect I'd be out there getting PhD's and then there wouldn't be any roleplaying at all.

I am but a mere mortal, and Reid... well, he's so lifelike!

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Criminal Profiling 101

Offender profiling, also known as criminal profiling, is a behavioral and investigative tool that is intended to help investigators to profile unknown criminal subjects or offenders. Offender profiling is also known as criminal profiling, criminal personality profiling, criminological profiling, behavioral profiling or criminal investigative analysis.


Being an FBI Agent and even more so a profiler, chances are Reid will instinctively stare into your soul read your characters mannerisms, facial tics, micro-expressions and everything else that gives away absolutely everything about them. This naturally comes with a few problems: I don't know every character of every canon and you might not want him to know certain things about them.

To make all our lives easier I've made this permission form. Please fill them out as thoroughly as possible for each of your characters!

This is also a good place to drop plot suggestions, so please do that if you have any! Additionally, if you need to get a hold of me for some reason I can be found on AIM under SobaFish and on Plurk

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